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After announcing my pregnancy at around 16 weeks, Anneke at Komu got in touch. She had teamed up with Emiliana at The Mindful Birth Group, and together they had put together the Ultimate Birth and Parenthood course. Anneke is a midwife, and Komu has created a postnatal support digital kit, full of hours of videos and audio files about all things postpartum. Emiliana is a hypnobirthing teacher, who has created an online 60 minute hypnobirthing essentials audio course, with relaxation audios, an infant feeding guide, and a trimester guide by The Modern Midwife included. Access to both courses can be purchased as a bundle for £40.


When purchasing the pack as a bundle, you get access to both courses- The Ultimate Birth and Parenthood Course 

The Mindful Birth Group course (£25 when purchased on its own) includes

  • 1 hour audio hypnobirthing essentials course

  • Printable text format of the course

  • Printable positive affirmations including multiple pregnancy

  • 5 x TMBG relaxation audios including quick relaxation, deep relaxation, positive affirmations, c-section and bonding with your baby

  • Lots of birth support materials such as birth preferences sheet (inc.c-section), bag checklists, birth partner checklist & more

  • Pregnancy trimester guide by The Modern Midwife

  • Baby feeding guide by Little Peach London

  • Access to our student exclusive discount page on www.themindfulbirthgroup.com

The Komu Postnatal pack (£30 when purchased on its own) includes​ a huge mix of audio and video files on

  • Becoming a parent

  • Baby's health and well being

  • Feeding Your Baby- breast, bottle and weaning

  • Sleep

  • Out and About with Baby

  • Mum Health, well being, and postnatal fitness

  • Mental health for mum and dad

  • Your baby and your dog

  • A printable handbook

  • Information on antenatal colostrum harvesting


In a word- yes. The mindful birth group hypnobirthing course is a sort of essential crash course. It's not as detailed or comprehensive as The Positive Birth Company or private lessons, but it still covers a huge amount of information. I actually completed this course first, before PBC or my antenatal classes- and I felt very well prepared after just an hour. The course is all downloaded into the Teachable app on my phone, and given that it is audio files instead of videos I was able to listen on the go, rather than having to park up at my desk. For mums who are busy right up until day dot, whether that be with work or older children, this course may be the best option, as it won't take up nearly as much of your precious time.

The course notes for each section are actually a complete transcript of the course- so if you're *really* squeezed for time, you can read the information in its entirety instead. VERY handy.

The relaxation audio files I found to be better as well- there aren't as many of them as you get with PBC, but for some reason, they gelled with me better. Specifically, the 'Summer Skies' audio- that shizz is relaxing as hell!

The support materials are all really beneficial as well, and again, they're all PDF printables, with lots of diagrams, a door sign, checklists, and more. A really excellent set of easy to understand resources!

The Komu postnatal pack is also absolutely wicked. There is SO much covered. Like literally everything you could ever think of is included, from a 21 minute baby massage video, to information about tongue tie- and that's just two of the seventeen files in the baby health and wellbeing bit- one of nine jam-packed sections. See? I told you. This course is FULL.

The video and audio files are categorised really well and range from as short as under a minute or two (there is an excellent 1.47 video on How to Cough Properly to Avoid Urine Leakage, by Elodie Poissenot, My French Physio) right up to a 35 minute file of the sounds of a crying baby, to play to your dog, and get them used to the sound before you bring home the real thing. There is a huge amount of experts delivering these mini-lessons as well, such as Anneke herself, Dr Jemma Hunter:The Mummy Dentist, Alison Scott Wright: The Magic Sleep Fairy, and loads more. Again, as I've said now a few times- this course is brilliant.

There are some PDFs included as well, but actually, the sheer volume of videos, and the fact that they've been categorised so brilliantly, means I haven't actually felt the need to note them all down. I've watched them all, but some of them aren't applicable to me (I don't have a dog), or certainly won't be for a few months- by which point, other sections will be fully learned and just a part of day to day life. So even though there is so much to take in, it does not need completing all in one go- in fact, that wouldn't be a very good idea. Save the lessons on teething and weaning for when that time actually comes- and post birth sex for that  matter!


As I've got both these courses easily accessible in my phone, I'll use them as and when I need them. I'll encourage Robert to get his head around them too- poor guy isn't going to know what's hit him.

To find out more about hypnobirthing and my own birth story, click here.

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