Product Review- Marmalade Lion

Marmalade Lion is a gorgeous mama owned brand, based in Australia. They sell a range of products, including playmats, pram liners, feeding accessories, and toys in a beautiful range of prints and patterns, made from sustainable materials. I was sent the following in return for a non-biased review of the products

Australian Wool Playmat Cuddly Faces print Playmat Cover Cuddly Faces print Splat Mat Cuddly Faces print Coverall Bib Cuddly Faces print Sunhat

Packaging and Look Each product came beautifully packaged, in its own little mesh bag, except for the playmat which came in a drawstring fabric duffel bag with a rope, making it perfect to take on the go. It was the attention to detail that impressed me most of all, as the fabric pattern on each bag matched the print of the product inside. And the patterns themselves are so so SO gorgeous. We chose Cuddly Faces print, as I’m a sucker for monochrome, and all the cute Aussie animal faces peeking out, but some other favourites include Cockatoo, Amongst The Ferns, and Modern Native. Whether you prefer something bold or muted, there’s a unique, hand drawn pattern for you. THE PLAYMAT

The play mat is BOMB, you guys. The actual mat itself is memory foam, and so bloody squishy- in fact, the first thing Robert said is how he wants an adult sized one for us! It’s perfect for babies who are just finding their balance- we first received this as River was starting to move from tripod sitting to sitting up without his hands. As you can imagine, the poor kid was all over the place, so I made sure any practise time was spent on this mat. Whichever way he fell, he was protected- which in turn, meant that I wasn’t catching him every time out of fear. I could let him explore his new skill on his own, and learn from his mistakes, without worrying that he was going to be hurt.

The mat is waterproof, so it stays safe and dry in the event of any accidents or spillages, rather than just absorbing all that nastiness and deteriorating over time.

The cover itself is Australian washable wool, which is breathable, antimicrobial, and antibacterial. The underside of the cover is antislip, so it’s perfect for any surface. And it is S O S O F T. Like, beyond soft. River immediately smushed his face into it, and then 10 minutes later, he fell asleep on it. Massive win for mama.

The great thing about this being a mat and a cover, is that you can throw the covers in the wash. Our last mat was great, but once a little bit of spit up was on it (or worse, soaked into it) it was a real bugger to get out.

The fact that we were kindly gifted an additional cover, in the Cuddly Faces print again, means that their fully interchangeable with whatever River throws our way. And all the mats are coated with their Expect-A-Spill non toxic, eco friendly waterproof coating, so you can even wipe down most minor stains and avoid the machine all together. THE SUNHAT

Oh, I just love a floppy hat on a baby. But hat sizing is always a nightmare- they never seem to be in them for long enough, and much like baby shoes, the sizes rarely correlate well with their ages. However, Marmalade Lion’s hat is adjustable, meaning it could take them to as old as 5 years old! Available in the full range of prints and patterns, and made from a cotton sateen that is fully washable and breathable in the heat, they’re a stylish and practical addition to a summer outfit, due to the stiff nature of the brim, keeping it out of your kids face. And even if they *still* wanted rid of it (kids, eh?), the adjustable chin strap means you should catch them in the act before they manage it. No scratchy Velcro or fiddly ties here.


River has just started weaning, and any parent who has gone through it knows that this means MESS. I have a selection of bibs for different styles- a silicone one with a curved front pocket, to catch crumbs and dropped pieces of toast when we’re doing baby led, and coveralls to protect EVERYTHING when we’re doing purees. The Marmalade Lion bib is really lovely, and easy to wipe down, as they’re made from a fully waterproof material. I find some coverall bibs to sort of ‘soak’ a puree up, so while they do keep the clothes clean, they’re not especially pleasant to deal with- one swipe of a muslin and the green mess was handled! The splat mat is made of the same material, so you won’t find they stain easily (we’ve had all sorts thrown onto our mat and bib, and they’re still in tip top shape!). The bibs sleeves are elasticated at the cuff, so they’re not falling down into the food (but not so tight that they’re uncomfortable) and they also feature a pocket at the front. Overall, Marmalade Lion feels like a real treat. Their products are sustainable, eco friendly, and really bloody well designed and made. It feels like everything they’ve brought to market has been well thought out, tested thoroughly, and designed with every scenario and baby in mind. The patterns are unique and eye catching, and you can feel and see the difference when holding them against every other bog standard high street equivalent. The products will easily last beyond just one baby, making them true investment pieces. A really brilliant addition to the UK baby market!

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