Perfect Instagram Follows for Pregnant and New Mums

Being pregnant or a brand new mum in a pandemic can be pretty scary and isolating (I know, I've been there). Luckily, the online world has really come into its own and there is oodles of support and advice at just the tap of your screen. I've popped together a list of all the best accounts to follow in that first year as you navigate the craziest adventure yet!

Pregnancy/Postpartum Health-


Marie Louise is a midwife with 10 years of experience- and now she has her very own baby too! She’s often dishing out great pieces of advice to pregnant ladies, especially about active birth. If you want to see more of her, she’s also written a great book (Bump, birth, and beyond), and has an online antenatal course- perfect for lockdown preggo’s.

BONUS FOLLOW-@naturalbirthingco



Weaning is an absolute minefield, but Nicola and Theresa are here to cut through all the noise of recipes and opinions, and just deliver you the facts. They’re nutritionists with personal experience of food allergies, breastfeeding beyond a year, baby led and traditional weaning, and much more. Their page is a fountain of knowledge, and they’re running an online weaning workshop which is comprehensive, friendly, and easy to follow.

BONUS FOLLOW- @weanin15



Did you know that you need to brush babies teeth, even before they’ve got any? Never fear, the dentist mom is here to help. Based in the US, she has an active Instagram account full of great advice for babies and children of all ages, to ensure they get the right dental care!

BONUS FOLLOW- @myhaboxuk



The breastpump empire Medela is a huge champion of breastfeeding, offering lots of helpful advice on their page (as well as top notch products). They also run the hashtag #medelamums, to shine a light on breastfeeding women from all walks of life, doing their milk making thing!

BONUS FOLLOW- @rachel_gallimore_ibclc

Postpartum Health and Fitness-


A pre and postnatal fitness coach, her page is full of live and IGTV workouts that are perfect for easy but effective movements to keep your body in tip top condition. She’s also got a 3 month old baby at home now, so she’s healing along with you and her personal experiences go a long way to make her posts feel authentic and honest.

BONUS FOLLOW-@the_mummy_mot


@mrsgifletcher (Giovanna fletcher)

Ok, so her boys are a little older now, but she’s still a great follow. Down to earth, relatable, and friendly. Her podcast Happy Mum Happy Baby is a great insight into other mum’s experiences with pregnancy, birth, and parenting. She also hosts The Baby Club on Cbeebies, which is a great show for lockdown mums who can’t get out to their usual classes.

BONUS-Me! duh. @iammelteaser



Another American account, the Psyched Mommy page is highly relatable, even if you wouldn’t class yourself as having PPD/PPP. She discusses everything from postpartum rage, managing the mental load of parenting, and avoiding burnout. Sometimes it just feels nice seeing one of her posts, and realising that you aren’t alone.




Paeditrician Dr Cathryn creates easy to understand infographics based on every age and level of child development, from speech, play ideas and milestones, to the science behind why your baby behaves the way they do!

BONUS FOLLOW- @kinesio_kids



It’s the one thing we hope we’ll never need to use, but it’s vital that we have the skill. Daisy First Aid offer courses to new parents for every level of first aid, from babies and toddlers, to children and teens. Their page is informative and puts the key info in easy to manage pieces.

BONUS FOLLOW- @lullabytrust

Who would you add to the list?