Mama Owned Monday- Bluebell and Bear

*This post contains some gifted items, however all my thoughts are my own, and I would never recommend a product that I do not believe in, or would not use myself*

Certain items of clothing will always be precious to me because of the memory I’ve attached to it- and this goes double for clothing that belongs to River. My first item from Bluebell and Bear falls hard into this category. I was 17 weeks pregnant, and I’d just been for a private scan and found out that he was going to be a boy. Panic had set in- how the fuck do I raise a boy? I took myself off shopping (a great anxiety buster for me) and started building the wardrobe that we’d all come to know and love.

I found these little grey dungarees in TK Maxx, covered in leopard print and stars, and quite frankly, I was pissed that they weren’t in my size. They went straight into my basket- totally gender neutral, very on brand for mama- score.

He got a grand total of one wear out of them before he outgrew them (chunky and tall, those first few weeks were a losing battle), and I got a real pang of sadness when I packed them away. I thought back to that day, and how far we’d come since then. I couldn’t quite give up on them just yet, and hopped online to see if I could find the next size up (I do this a lot, some items of clothing I have in every size up to a year...).

Sadly, the range had changed, but I didn’t hate what I found at all! Loads of unisex vests and T-shirt’s, along with items for older children and (best of all) adults! Matching to River while he’s still young enough to not get embarrassed? Yes please. I ordered myself a t-shirt, and Dominique (the founder and owner) kindly offered to send me some bits so that River would match me.

The process is simple, and creative. You choose your item and design, and get to choose from an array of colours for each. I chose a black t-shirt, and neon yellow, black glitter and hot pink glitter for the design (I know, I know- I’m very understated). The choices are endless though, as Dom prints every design herself in her studio at home- a real one woman machine! Whatever mix of colours you want, you can have. I got a little matching vest for River, as well as another matching set, an extra vest, and a tote bag.

The clothes are comfy organic cotton, they wash really well, and they look bloody adorable on. They’re reasonably priced too- the baby vests are currently only £5 each, which for a small independent business, is an absolute steal. I would absolutely recommend this brand, especially to parents who want to match their tiny people!


Dominique, mama to 3, credits Bluebell and Bear with saving her life. After having her second baby in 2016, she suffered badly from postnatal depression, and it was only after having her third baby that she was able to channel these feelings into starting her own label.

She spent 15 years working in the fashion industry as a buyer, and found the work as a way of bringing herself back from the brink. A little piece of her that she can pass on to her kids, and keep her grounded in her day to day.

Dom runs the entire operation out of her home, from the printing to the photographing, and marketing to mailing. She’s a mama on a mission!

You can find the entire range at or at @bluebellandbear on Instagram

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