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I was really thrilled to receive a package from these guys after I announced my pregnancy.



The Natural Birthing Company are just that- natural! I am always on the lookout for products with as few ingredients as possible, due to super sensitive skin- and these guys hit all the things I'm usually after, with a couple of extras thrown in for good measure.

Every product in their range is-

  • Not tested on animals

  • Made using natural ingredients

  • Vegan approved

  • Developed by Midwifes

  • Safe for use during and after pregnancy

  • Made in the UK

I also adore the packaging- which was actually created using the colour palatte of a midwife uniform, which is just the cutest touch ever if you ask me.


Mama Moments Birthing Essentials Kit- REVIEW


Personally, I love these products. They're cheaper than their main competitor, trustworthy, and they actually work- which is really all you ever need in a product. Their customer service is excellent as well- when I purchased the extra bottles through their website, the process was fast and easy, and the products arrived in a timely fashion.

Would absolutely recommend!

To find out more about Natural Birthing Company, and to purchase their full range, visit https://www.naturalbirthingcompany.com/

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