“There isn’t a one baby carrier suits all”, is something that Corin Chapman, owner and inventor of the Mumma GoGo pouch, is keen to impress upon me. And she’s absolutely right. There are so many styles, functions, and designs on the market- from the massive swathe of fabric that are baby wraps, to an all singing all dancing carrier with every conceivable promise of perfection under the sun.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was coming from a place of some knowledge- my parents had used their trusty BabyBjorn carrier from the year 2000, all the way up until 2014, through 3 of my sisters. That was good enough for me, and I bought a second hand one on Facebook Marketplace for £6- banging. I also had an interest in a baby wrap (but far less experience), and managed to source myself one of those as well.


Now, a baby wrap was not for me. That’s been bundled up and put in the loft almost instantly. One of the main times I use my carrier is when River is inconsolable (jab day, anyone?), so when I’m in the presence of a screaming baby? Not the time for me to faff about with folding and tying and feeding him into this section or that section.


The babybjorn served it’s function, but I always felt like I had to support him with my hands too, especially around his head- so taking it out on a walk was a rarity. I’d walk so slowly and cautiously that it was hardy even worth leaving the house. It didn’t afford either of us the freedom that it so hoped it would.


I started looking at Tula carriers, as they looked closer to what I now knew our specific needs were (and to take him up to toddler age is always handy) but even second hand, I just wasn’t willing to spend that money on something that still may not give me what I was actually looking for.


So, when Corin got in touch about her carrier, I was all ears. The Mumma GoGo pouch is a baby carrier, with her tag line- More Comfort. More Support. More pocket. More affordable. Comfort, support, and price point were all things I was struggling with when looking for that elusive PERFECT product.

The first thing I noticed was the design- the pouch is like wearing a rucksack (either on your front, for smaller babies, or on your back for bigger babies and toddlers). Very easy to put on, with one large Velcro strap around your waist (and a safety buckle to secure it), and then a buckle between your shoulder straps to keep everything in place.  And that’s it. That simple. You can also adjust all of these straps really easily, so the one carrier is suitable for and interchangeable between multiple users (and babies!). 


The main body of the carrier has a large pocket on the front, which was super handy, and not a feature I had even considered. The entire panel can also be peeled away and folded out of sight for warmer days- leaving behind a breathable mesh panel instead, allowing air to flow to babies back and keep them cool, while still keeping them safely in place.





The carrier is suitable from 5kg all the way to 15kg- so not only does it fit River beautifully at 3 months old, it can also take the weight of Corin’s daughter- who is 3 whole YEARS old. In terms of value for money, that’s excellent as far as I’m concerned. The detachable hood (not pictured) is great for a little added protection from either sun or rain (especially with the option of either the thicker, darker hood, or the lighter coloured, thin cotton summer hood).


I was sent The Full Package kindly free of charge for review by Corin, and I’ve listed an outline of what is included, but full details and packages can be found on her website


£48.99- Standard

1x Carrier

1x Hood

1x pair of shoulder bibs


£52.97- Full Package- Saving £9.99!

1x carrier

1x hood

1x pair of shoulder bibs

1x summer sleep hood (£4.99 sold separately)

1x spare pair of shoulder bibs (£8.99 sold separately)


More than anything, I found the support for us both to be excellent. The weight distribution on me put more emphasis on my hips than on my shoulders and neck, which is great because currently it’s an area I’m struggling with- multiple sterilising and washing sessions a day (exclusive pumpers know what’s up!) are really taking a toll on my posture, but I couldn’t feel a strain at all when using this. The shoulder straps are nicely padded and wide enough that they sit comfortably, and the fact that the bibs can be removed and washed is a nice touch, because a drooly, teething baby likes to leave a nice trail of milk breath saliva on everything they touch, and that is NOT something you want engrained in fabric that sits so close to your face. River’s head didn’t bob around, which was interesting, as it came up much lower than the BabyBjorn- and as soon as he fell asleep against my chest, he was still just as secure.