Mama Moments Birthing Essentials Kit


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The lovely team sent me their Mama Moments Birthing Essentials Gift Set, which includes 4 products, and comes in a reusable wash bag.

  • Cool it Mama - Cooling Body Spritz (50ml)

  • Relax & Breathe - Calming Massage Oil (30ml)

  • Bottoms Up - Soothing Bottom Spray (50ml)

  • Sleepy Mama - Relaxing Pillow Mist (100ml)

A quick spritz of the Cool it Mama tells me it's going to

be grand in labour, so due to the fact that I don't want to

waste it, that's gone straight into my hospital wash bag.

Due to the fact that my skin is pretty sensitive to lots of

ingredients, as well as heat (the amount of people who

ask me if I'm ok when my forehead blotches up in a warm

room is hilarious), finding a product that won't make the

problem worse with harsh chemicals is really important to me.

Bottoms Up got a little test, even though this is going to really show off after birth. But, the cool soothing sensation was instant, caused no irritation whatsoever, and helped to put my mind at ease. It can be sprayed directly to the area, or onto a maternity pad and used as a compress- and a top tip? Keep it in the fridge for extra relief. Postpartum recovery is actually a way bigger source of stress to me than birth is, and any product that can help me during this time is going to be well received. Now, of course I can't yet comment on how effective it is after the absolute beating that that neck of the woods is going to take- but in their Black Friday sale, I *did* buy another two bottles of this (NOT GIFTED). And they're bigger at 100ml each. So you could say, I've got faith.


(More comprehensive reviews for these products to follow after I've given birth and they've really had their time to shine!)

Now, onto Sleepy Mama

This little bottle and I are legit friends at this stage. I've had random bouts of insomnia during this pregnancy, as was to be expected. When I'm not pregnant, I'm a mile a minute kinda gal. I can survive on very little sleep (much to the annoyance of Robert, a champion napper), and I'm always 'on', mentally and physically. If it looks like I've tuned out, you can bet I haven't gone into a state of relaxation, I'm definitely working on about 5 different thoughts and projects all at once in my head- something that is not beneficial to the hypnobirthing method that I'm aiming to employ during my labour.

While Sleepy Mama doesn't knock me out (that would be concerning to be honest), it does help me centre myself, and relax my senses. I'm not a huge fan of lavender normally, but it's a super delicate scent, infused with bergamot and chamomile, keeping it light and fresh. It has good staying power too- if I wake up in the night, I'll give an extra spritz or two, but that's all it needs to re-establish that sense of calm that is so alien to me. There is absolutely no reaction with my skin whatsoever, so I feel confident spraying it straight onto my pillow, but this could just as easily be sprayed onto a flannel and kept on your bedside table, if your skin is a source of concern for you.

As part of my 'training' I don't just use this for sleep- whenever I meditate, stretch, or do any birth related revision, I give a spritz, in an effort to create positive associations with all of my senses. The more tools I have to establish calm, and switch my mind off, the better! As I say, it's not something I'm normally very good at, so practising has been essential for me and I use Sleepy Mama every time. So much so, it's now at the point where I can smell it, and calm my mind down within about 3 minutes, and focus myself.

After I realised how quickly  was getting through it, I bought another two bottles of this as well! (NOT GIFTED)

Relax and Breathe massage oil has been given its moment to shine now that Robert is home and I've insisted upon daily massages. I had *tried* to massage my own shoulders in times of need, but considering I can only just abut reach to wipe my own arse, this was no easy task. If you're a single mum, that's not to say this product won't be of use to you. If you can still reach your feet, there's no reason why a self massage can't be done, roping in a friend or family member to reach your back, or even just as a moisturiser.






The oil smells great, and spreads well. We start with three pumps, and that lasts us about 5 minutes before either stopping, or topping up and continuing (if he's feeling generous/I'm feeling bossy). One pump will cover both my feet as well. Essentially, you're not using masses of product every time, and even with a daily massage, the bottle should last you quite a while. So while you've got the perfect excuse, put your partner to work!

The oil also doesn't sit for ages either, and absorbs well- so it isn't ruining my pyjamas or my sheets. Also, because it isn't thick and gloopy, neither of us feel the need to wash our hands after, enabling us to use the relaxation to get a decent night of sleep straight away. The ingredients used haven't aggravated my skin, even when I've used a little on my face-however, if you know your skin can be as tricky as mine can, exercise caution and use sparingly until you're certain it's not a trigger for you.

Using Relax and Breathe has become a part of our nighttime ritual now, and I have no complaints (about the product OR the massage).

The Mama Moments Birthing Essentials Kit is a great way to start a love affair with this brand. You get a great range of different products, and the slightly smaller sizes means that if something isn't working for you, there's less wastage. It's an excellent little thing to just pop straight in the hospital bag- a little piece of luxury to take with you.

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