I purchased The Positive Birth Company Online Hypnobirthing Course on a bit of a whim really. The course costs £39 usually, but in a crazy flash sale, I nabbed it for £5. I was only 11 weeks, but I'd already heard quite a bit about hypnobirthing, and was keen to find out more- in fact, the reason I chose the antenatal class that we're doing, is because it includes a hypnobirthing section in the course at no extra cost. So I wasn't really in the market for an online course, knowing we'd have this coming up- but at that price, it wouldn't hurt. And what a fucking fantastic decision that turned out to be.


The Positive Birth Company pack consists of

  • 6+ hours of video content (43 individual videos)

  • Closed Caption subtitles (option to switch on / off)

  • 8x MP3s to download (option to have background music or voice-only)

  • A course notes booklet in PDF format to download

  • A fully editable birth preferences template to download and complete

  • A sample copy of completed birth preferences to use for reference

  • Access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support and daily positive birth stories

  • Regular Facebook Live Q&A sessions with Siobhan Miller, founder of The Positive Birth Company and creator of the Digital Pack

  • A fully comprehensive Infant Feeding Guide from Little Peach London (covering breastfeeding, bottle-feeding and pumping)


It really is an excellent and very comprehensive course. The videos are broken down into bitesize chunks, and well categorised, so if you need to refer back to a certain section, it's easy to do. Siobhan has a great manner in the videos as well- cam and informative, well spoken, and at no point did I feel like I was being talked down to. She covers everything from creating an ideal birthing environment the science of birth, what makes a good birth partner, how to make informed choices, writing a birth plan, how to breathe, and what to expect at every stage of labour. 

The Facebook group is excellent as well- as discussed on the course, women have such a negative view of birth, and the pain associated with it. Everyone is dying to tell you their horror story (blog), about their giant baby, or their tear, or their postpartum haemorrhage, or how the baby had the cord around its neck and almost died- the list is endless. This Facebook group aims to show the positive side of birth. Women who have taken the course recount their stories- and they're all so varied. They don't always go to plan, and sometimes things have gone wrong, but one thing they can all agree on is that they remained calm, and the experience was still a  positive one, thanks to the tools learned on the course. Being a part of this group has been really beneficial to me, not only seeing these stories, but also being a part of a community where your questions are answered.

The audio files are pretty good as well, although I'm not sure they relax me as much as I'd like them to. 

The course contents notes is a 17 page document, mainly consisting of scripts for your birth partner to read during labour. Now, I'm going to remain open minded on this one, but knowing my relationship with Robert, I don't see this being a useful tool for us. Getting into the zone for me is going to be a very solitary experience- we laugh too much together, so I'm hoping he'll me more useful at relaxing me in other ways- like distracting me when I need it! I could have done with a few more pages that related to the videos, and maybe some diagrams.

Due to the course being such a full one and the notes not

covering everything, I've felt the need to make my own notes as

I go. I've taken the opportunity to create a little Birthing Bible of

sorts (feels like GCSE revision that I never actually did), which is

great because not only does it reinforce what I've learned, but

I've got it to hand without having to find the specific bit of video

I'm after. I'm quite lucky in that I have almost no distractions in the

form of work or other children, so I've had the freedom to do this,

but a busier lady may struggle to retain all the information given.

The birth plan template is great as well. Siobhan includes a sample plan, which actually covers things I may not have thought of, so I felt really informed when writing my own. It covers everything I'd like in an ideal world, as well as everything that could go off track, and how I'd like those handled- I'll be taking multiple copies with me to the MLU!


As soon as he's home, I've insisted that Robert watch the entire course with me. There is too much included that is useful to his role before and during labour, and as well as a second viewing being useful to me, I know I'll relax more if he's seen everything I've seen- the course has the ability to create a really excellent team mate, armed with a huge amount of knowledge.

The Positive Birth Company also offer a digital postnatal support pack for a further £39. I'm not going to buy this *just* yet, but I may change my mind post-birth. I feel more prepared and knowledgeable about parenting than I did about birth, and I've still got antenatal classes to go to first, so I don't want to waste money on something I may not actually need.

All in all, the digital hypnobirthing course is great, and is excellent value at £39. I feel more informed, and actually quite excited about giving birth now!

To find out more about hypnobirthing and my own birth story, click here.

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