Hey! I'm Melissa.

I'm a mama to be, pregnant with my first. I posted a photo of myself at 20 weeks pregnant, with a list of highs and lows that had come across and it was picked up by the national tabloids. And MY GOD was the reaction mixed. From people who understood my humour and appreciated my honesty, to people saying I was going to be a terrible mother and didn't deserve my kid. Which of course, has only spurred my honesty.

Parents aren't perfect. We fuck up. We don't love every minute of every day. So I'm creating a place where total transparency is key. A place where mum guilt doesn't exist. This site is the pillow for you to scream into when it's all being  A Bit Shit. The place where you can feel good about your highs, and your lows.

Kid has been amazing? Let us know! Kid has been a full on prick? Tell us!

Enjoy the site, I hope you find something that helps you, entertains you, or just simply distracts you for a minute or two.

Melissa x

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